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Malya, Malya why you so pretty ...

Nov 23,2016 | Haslinah Hasan

Have you ever seen a lady and went ... Wow! Where did she get her shawl from? so nice! Well, we have to say that Malya is that attention grabbing. The moment a new collection was launched or can I say pre launched to our VIP customers, that's the beginning of our sleepless nights as inquiries kept coming in. What is so special about Malya? Some may ask. Based on genuine feedback from customers... it's like a hijabi's dream come true to have found such a perfect instant shawl which is so versatile, trendy and easy-to-wear. Need we say more? You can bid goodbye to 'bad tudung days' and you would wish that you owned it in all available colors. It's that addictive.

Pssssstt! New collection of Malya will be launched this Wednesday at 9pm ladies! This time, Haya will be carrying 5 new colors of Malya! Excited? All colors are exclusive with HAYA so we suggest that you grab them fast to avoid any disappointments :)


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