Suri Instant Shawl | Ballerina Pink

A chiffon shawl is not just all about layering and pinning. Many are skeptical about wearing chiffon shawl with the perception that the material is slippery and it is too much of a hassle to style. With Suri Instant Shawl, you will realize how effortless and hassle-free it is to put on a chiffon shawl. Made into an elegant style that suits everyone and all occasions, skipping the layering and pinning steps, this instant shawl gets you ready within seconds! No one will notice that it's an instant shawl!
Type: Instant Shawl 
Material: Chiffon
Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.
Color: Due to flash photography and varying color setting of computers, electronic devices, and mobile phones, the color you see here differ slightly (lighter and brighter) from the actual product.