Slip On Tie Back Instant Scarf | Beige

Type: Full Instant

Slip On Tie Back Instant Scarf is a new adventure for Malady Couture. It is the FIRST of its kind featuring MC's signature tie back but dual tie back this time.  It is not just your usual instant hijab where comfort and practicality are key but Slip-On is beyond that. Looking presentable at all times is the objective of this design. Perfect for daily as well as outdoor and physical activities, Slip On will be the one you will reach for almost every day. It is comfy to be worn as an inner neck too!

Slip On Tie Back Instant Scarf | Black

Material: Premium Matte Spandex - ironless, lightweight, durable, comfy & opaque

Special feature: Dual tie back function

Opacity: 5/5 

Free size

Length from chin down: 50 - 51 cm (estimate)

Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable. Wash separately.

Note: Due to flash photography and the different colour setting of computer, electronic and mobile devices, the colour you see here may differ 10-15% from the actual product.

Slip On Tie Back Instant Scarf | Black