Alhumaira Contemporary

Noeva Square Scarf | Aqua Blue

Introducing one of Alhumaira's sought after square scarf collection, Noeva Square Scarf! This collection is made with the unique Venezia Silk fabric that is easy to form, non-deafening, soft and very flowy. Another exclusivity quality of this Venezia Silk fabric is its subtle shine that makes this collection appear more luxurious. Alhumaira has again put an emphasis on the fabric selection as she believes that fabric plays an important role in producing such a scarf that's easy to shape, well placed and most importantly comfortable to be worn all the time! For this collection, there are stunning color choices that will definitely catch your eye. If you are still looking for a beautiful and comfortable square scarf, the Noeva Square Scarf from Alhumaira is a perfect choice for you!

Material : Venezia Silk.
Measurement: Width : 115cm x 115cm
Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable. Iron on low setting.

Color: Due to variances among color monitors, the color you see here may differ slightly from the actual product.