Musalmah Satin Square | Ariel

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Produced from the best material for square scarf, Valerie matte satin, Musalmah Satin Square is easy to style; not slippery, light weight and 100% opaque. This material has a beautiful drape and flow, making it so easy to style. Its soft yet slightly firm texture (not thick though) is easy to shape and your scarf will stay perfect the whole day!
The shimmery effect and silky smooth feel of the satin material will take you through the day and night in elegance and great comfort.
Material : Valerie Matte Satin
Width : 45 inches est.
Height : 45 inches est.
Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable. Iron on low setting.


Note: Due to different settings of computers and electronic devices, the color you see here may differ slightly from the actual product.