Lisaa Ultra Comfort Scarf | Dark Purple

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Type: Full Instant

This best-selling and sought after instant collection by Ameera Zaini is back!

Lisaa Ultra Comfort Scarf is well-loved for its practical design, pinless, effortless, easy to care for and absolutely so comfortable and trendy.

Made with the all-time favourite material, Moss Crepe that is wrinkle-free, this instant scarf is ever ready for you from work to leisure. No inner is required, making it perfect for every day and workouts.

 Material: High-Quality Moss Crepe

 Measurement: Face opening (10 inches), Front Length (25.5 inches), Back Length (29.5 inches)

Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.

Colour: Due to flash photography and the different colour setting of computers, electronic devices and mobile phones, the colour you see here may differ slightly from the actual product.