EZ Tie Back Bawal | Jasmine

Type: Square Scarf

Introducing the latest creation of Malady Couture, EZ Tie Back Bawal. Wearing bawal will never be the same again after EZ Tie Back.

EZ Tie-Back Bawal is an instant bawal that is readily folded and sewn triangular in shape. What makes it unique is the tie back straps that will hold the scarf in place as well as an instant and a neat awning that is what bawal is all about. No folding and pinning is required to style. The chiffon fabric and crochet embroidery hemming give a touch of class and sophistication.

EZ Tie-Back Bawal is suitable for all occasions.

Material: High-Quality Heavy Chiffon

Opacity: 5/5

Feature: Tie Back

Measurement: Length 1.86m, Width 1.25m. Bidang 50"

Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.

Note: Due to flash photography and the different colour setting of computer, electronic and mobile devices, the colour you see here may differ 10-15% from the actual product.