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Emil Double Loop Instant | Periwinkle

This double loop chiffon instant shawl is so easy to wear that it will be one of your favorite instant shawl ever. Made with the low maintenance and high-quality chiffon material, Emil is easy to wear, so comfy and drapes beautifully. To match with casual to formal outfits, Emil Double Loop Instant is the perfect one. Wear it in 10 seconds and get ready for a touch of magic by Emil!
Type: Double Loop Instant Shawl 

Material: High-Quality Chiffon

Measurement: 200cm x 72cm

Face Opening: +/- 28cm

Shawl Width: +/- 70cm
Shawl Length: +/- 200cm

 Care: Hand wash. Machine wash is not advisable.

Color: Due to flash photography and different color settings of computers, electronic devices, and mobile phones, the color you see here may differ slightly from the actual product.