Dagu Necktie Inner | Bobby Brown

Dagu ("Chin") Necktie Inner is known for its comfort and quality. This inner is well-loved and much sought after for the design that fits all face shapes and sizes. It is made loose and roomy around the neck for extra comfort and has a tie at the back of the neck that can be tied to suit individual fit and comfort level. It has an added feature for individuals who wish to have more coverage around the face mainly under the chin area. Made with high-quality cotton viscose, Dagu Necktie is perfect as an everyday inner and very comfortable for all types of weather. 
Dagu Necktie Inner | Bobby Brown

Material: Premium cotton viscose

Measurement (L x W x H): 22cm x 17cm x 2cm

Care: Hand wash is highly recommended to maintain the quality of the material.

Colour: Due to flash photography and different colour settings of computers, electronic devices, and mobile phones, the colour you see here may differ slightly from the actual product.